About this Project

About this project

Recent abuse of antibiotics in the medical and agro-fishery sector has increased threat of the multi-drug resistant bacteria tolerant to various antibiotics which may possibly trigger intractable infectious diseases. Control of drug-resistant bacteria should be coped with on global basis to prevent cross-border diffusion, caused by trans-border movement of people and globalization of agro-fishery products.
  Vietnam is reported to present higher carriage rate of the drug-resistant bacteria compared to other countries. Currently, 42% of population carry drug-resistant bacteria and there is which leads to growing concerns over further diffusion.
  From such a circumstance, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has begun efforts to solve the problems on food safety and infectious diseases. Furthermore, the needs of research on the occurrence and spread of resistant strains of this challenge in the country has been raised to solve this situation.

Project Chief Advisor: Prof. Yoshimasa Yamamoto

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